Network Orchestration

An extensive management and orchestration platform allows you deliver network services built with an open framework. Use Service Orchestration to create services, create sites for admins and finish-customers, and orchestrate the services you provide across all areas of their lifecycles. For more information about F5 Automation, do not forget to visit our website.
You can handle the whole lifecycle of the services within anchorman-and-click experience that continues to be consistent across all deployment models inside the Juniper Cloud CPE solution.
Additionally to supplying an easy service lifecycle experience, Service Orchestration reduces the length of the service creation process from several weeks to minutes. For network managers, it possesses a robust service management and troubleshooting standpoint. And for finish-customers, it provides a customized self-service portal.
An analytics engine gives finish-customers visibility into and control of WAN traffic with the customer portal. The engine supplies a basis which Service Orchestration can make informed guidelines to define how network visitors are prioritized. Finish-customers may change guidelines instantly.
Openness-Avoid costly vendor lock-in. The framework is made on open methods and data appliances allow extensible third-party integration. It is simple to increase your service catalog, scaling with time, utilizing an open ecosystem introducing new virtualized network functions (VNFs). The platform integrates with operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) for full business logic orchestration.
Intelligent Management and Orchestration-Reduce operational expenses while increasing productivity via a centralized service management and orchestration system. An extensive service-creation lifecycle workflow helps streamline management.
Dynamic Application Optimisation-Optimize traffic delivery instantly based on application type having a granular performance probe and dynamic, policy-driven traffic steering. Customers can prioritize both business-critical programs for purpose-built MPLS handled service choices, and non-business-critical programs for Internet-handled choices. Want to know more about YANG modeling? Visit our website for more information.
Personalization-Create easy to customize sites, enhancing user satisfaction and strengthening your customer associations. You may also build specific service chains to align with customer business objectives.


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