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It is utmost important to understand the differences between various funds because all fund s are not the same. Some strategies which are not at all correlated to equity are able to deliver consistent growth with low risk, but others may be as volatile as mutual funds. A good fund from various funds recognizes these differences and blends various strategies and asset classes together to create more stable returns for long term. Many fund strategies tend to improve against downturns in market being traded. Some funds are flexible in their investment options. Invest in these funds as these are estimated to be trillion dollar industry. Some of strategies use leverage and derivatives while others are more conservative and employ little or no leverage. Many fund plannings tends to reduce market risks specifically by shorting equities and derivatives. Most fund are highly specialized as they are relying on specific expertise of the manager or the management team. Some funds are not exposed completely to market so that to lower down the market risk as compared to equity or mutual funds. Particularly arbitrage strategies, are limited as to how much capital they can successfully employ before returns diminish. As a result, many successful fund managers limit the amount of capital they will accept. purchase shares online|buy shares online|buy stock online|buying stocks online|buy stocks internet|investing in shares|how to buy shares online|share market online|trade stocks online|how to purchase shares investment.


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